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Woods Mews

London, UK





High-End Residential



Stanesby Architecture submitted a planning application for a new build mews house in one of London's most desirable conservation areas. The scheme consisted of demolishing an existing dwelling and building three stories of accommodation in addition to a single basement level. These levels are knitted together via a central stairwell, topped with a roof lantern, providing light and shadow throughout the building.

The proposal seeks to create an architecture which integrates itself into the existing urban grain whilst affording the space and quality required by the client brief. The resulting building manages to maximise space and light across all levels whilst carefully fitting the accommodation into the confines of the existing building height and massing.

The proposed building materials draw heavily from the local area palette. The façade is therefore in red brick with subtle brick and stone detailing.

The building maintains a heavy presence on the corner of the street; achieved through the use of deep reveals, large windows and robust materials such as brick, stone and concrete. These devices allow the building to continue acting as a bookend to the street.

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