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About us

We are a London based practice established in 2016 by Gary Stanesby, with proven expertise in excellent and quality design, ranging from high-end residential, restaurant and hospitality developments, to community uses and sensitive heritage driven projects that require a wider collaborative approach.
The practice prides itself on a strong commitment to our design ethos and creative dialogue with our clients and consultants, that drives us towards a consistent outflow of quality architecture which delivers for both the clients and ultimately the end users. We believe that collaboration at all stages of a project and investing in strong relationships with clients and design teams has led to the success of our projects and practice, and will keep doing so in the years to come.
Our enthusiasm, collective experience and belief that every project deserves a bespoke design approach, has led to a diverse and expanding portfolio that has expanded the richness of experience of the practice.

"It’s about Honesty.  Good architecture is about letting a site or building be true to its setting, purpose and use."

          - Gary Stanesby


Stanesby Architecture emphasises continual development and improvement for the whole team. We support and actively promote mentoring within the practice to allow everyone to develop to their full potential and further progress with their professional capabilities and passions. 
Our workplace encourages and supports open ways of working, inspiring creative discussion that in turn leads to innovative thinking and constructive critique. We regularly hold small design pin-ups, so the whole team is aware of what is going on in the practice at all times and is invited to contribute in any form.

We engage with work-experience schemes and accommodate part-time learning, enabling and encouraging the younger generation to actively engage with the professional practice of architecture.


Stanesby Architecture recognise that the construction industry account for nearly 40% of energy related CO2 emissions in the UK. As we become more informed about the impact our work has on the planet, the more we can proactively explore ways of embedding sustainability in our decision making. 

The retrofitting of existing buildings is an integral component in our journey to meeting net-zero carbon targets. Stanesby Architecture are experts in this field, particularly regarding historical and listed buildings. We breath new life into these heritage assets, sympathetically restoring and enhancing each building in a bespoke way.
A large part of this process involves bringing these buildings up to todays building standards regarding their consumption and energy efficiency. 
We are committing to work collaboratively with clients and colleagues to create high-quality architecture, all-the-while remaining conscious of our decisions impacts on the climate and environment.

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