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Parker Tower

London, UK








Parker Tower stands tall as an existing tower block, meticulously refurbished to harmonize commercial and residential excellence. Our client has acquired the ground and first-floor commercial unit, along with five exquisite residential units spanning the second, fourth, and fifth floors.

Our architectural endeavor at Parker Tower centered on comprehensive space planning and feasibility studies. We delved into material exploration, crafting visualizations that transcend the conventional, and envisaged a three-storey office fitout spanning the basement, ground, and first floors. Additionally, we explored innovative options for a bespoke gym, embodying our commitment to holistic living.

The culmination of our endeavors at Parker Tower lies in the successful completion of feasibility studies and visualization packages. This landmark project exemplifies the seamless fusion of commercial vibrancy and residential elegance, a testament to our dedication to redefining spaces with a discerning touch.

Parker Tower beckons as a showcase of our proficiency in crafting bespoke environments that resonate with sophistication. Join us in the pursuit of architectural excellence – where each space tells a unique story. Welcome to Parker Tower, where innovation meets luxury in a harmonious symphony of design.

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