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Palace Green

London, UK








Undertaking a detailed architectural project, Stanesby Architecture renovated and extended a Grade II private house in Kensington. Comprising five apartments and a detached mews house, this property blends heritage with modern living.

The proposal seeks to renovate the interior of the property and demolish the later 20th Century coach house to build new accommodation, which is both sensitive to the importance of the existing building and creates a more harmonious relationship with its context. The concept for the new build elements is derived from extensively researching Webb's own design principles and approach to additions and extension to both his own and other buildings. The scheme therefore uses fine contemporary brick detailing and hand-crafted materials, to link the new building with the main house and the arts and crafts ethos of its construction.

Stanesby Architecture's renovation and extension of the Grade II private house in Kensington represent a meticulous blend of heritage and contemporary design. By carefully considering the property's historical significance and its context, our proposal aims to create new accommodation that respects the existing structure while embracing modern living.

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