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Hampstead Mews

London, UK








In 2017, Stanesby Architecture were appointed to provide full architectural services for the refurbishment of a small mews house in Hampstead, West London. The concept was to create a high-quality family home of architectural and sustainable merit. The proposal is both sympathetic and complementary to the surrounding Conservation Area and makes the best possible use of the available space.

Internally, the scheme adopts simple materials and devices, such as polished concrete, timber, painted brick walls and pocket doors, which help generate a sense of space by reducing visual clutter. Internal joinery provides much needed storage and divides the ground floor area, helping to create zones in an open plan environment.

Externally, the scheme aims to re-introduce a mews typology onto the street, which has been largely lost by the conversion of the ground floor garages. To achieve this, the façade uses an openable timber screen in front of minimal glazing. The oak screen echoes the original style of the property, whilst allowing light and ventilation into the ground floor space.

The refurbishment of the small mews house in Hampstead by Stanesby Architecture reflects a commitment to both architectural and sustainable principles. Through the use of simple materials and thoughtful design, the project seamlessly blends with the surrounding Conservation Area while maximizing the available space. The internal layout fosters a sense of openness and functionality, utilizing features like polished concrete and pocket doors to enhance spatial perception. Externally, the reintroduction of mews typology preserves the character of the street, with the oak screen serving as a nod to the property's heritage while promoting light and ventilation.

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