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16 Charles Street

London, UK



LouLou Group





Nestled in the heart of 17th Century Central London, the Grade II Georgian Townhouse boasts an illustrious history which is reflected in the peculiar architectural features that inform the various rooms. The experience across all floors is hard to put into words as every corner tells a story, which guided the hand in our architectural design allowing each floor to become a unique chapter; a carefully curated space that effortlessly marries the echoes of the past with the rhythm of today.

The clients aimed to weave the historic fabric into the contemporary tapestry of fine dining. As architects, we've responded by meticulously re-organizing the interior, orchestrating a harmonious fusion from basement to the fourth floor, transforming each space into a sophisticated fine dining restaurant and entertainment room. Immerse yourself in the allure of 18th Century architectural features, where majestic rooms and grand staircases narrate the story of a bygone era.

LouLou Group commitment extends beyond aesthetics, to craft an unparalleled dining experience within the embrace of historic opulence. Each detail, from the intricate design elements to the thoughtful layout, resonates with our dedication to architectural excellence.

The building becomes a canvas where heritage meets innovation, inviting patrons to indulge in an atmosphere where past and present converge seamlessly.

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