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Dover Street

London, UK








Dover Street lies within the Mayfair Conversation Area, located on the eastern side of the street. It is scheduled as a Grade 2 Listed Building under List entry 1210738, having been first Listed on 1st December 1987. Dover Street is notable for its Georgian architecture as well as the location of historic London hotels, as well as several contemporary art galleries.

Stanesby Architecture refurbished the existing office building into new private offices for Britannia Global Investments, adorned with a private art gallery space. The project navigated six distinct planning applications, encompassing internal layout changes, external window refurbishment, installation of an external hanging sign board and flagpoles, creation of external terraces, and a nuanced alteration to the building's external colour palette.

The interiors of Dover Street were created in collaboration with Casa Dio London, resulting in a space that exudes sophisticated opulance. The internal transformation includes high-quality floor finishes, feature lighting, bespoke joinery panelling, relocation of floor boxes, fabric panels, stair enhancements meeting UK Building Regulations, and an artistically curated palette of paint.

The refurbishment of Dover Street reflects a successful blend of historical preservation and modern functionality. Through collaboration with Casa Dio London, Stanesby Architecture has revitalised this Grade 2 Listed Building, creating a space that balances elegance with practicality.

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