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Dover Street







Our mission for 26 Dover Street unfolded as a transformation from an office enclave to a sanctuary of new private offices for Britannia Global Investments, adorned with a private art gallery space. A testament to our commitment, the project navigated six distinct planning applications, encompassing internal layout changes, external window refurbishment, installation of an external hanging sign board and flagpoles, creation of external terraces, and a nuanced alteration to the building's external color palette.

Within 26 Dover Street, the reorganization exceeds the mere utilitarian, elevating the space to accommodate a high standard of commercial use. The internal transformation includes high-quality floor finishes, feature lighting, bespoke joinery panelling, relocation of floor boxes, fabric panels, stair enhancements meeting UK Building Regulations, and an artistically curated palette of paint.

Situated on the eastern side of Dover Street within the Mayfair Conservation Area, 26 Dover Street stands as a Grade II Listed Building since December 1st, 1987. This heritage-laden backdrop adds an extra layer of significance to the project, intertwining modern luxury with historical resonance.

The interiors of 26 Dover Street were meticulously conceived in collaboration with Casa Dio London, a synergy that marries expertise with creativity, resulting in a space that exudes refined opulence.

26 Dover Street beckons as a testament to our proficiency in crafting spaces that exceed the ordinary, inviting you to join us in the pursuit of architectural excellence. Elevate your living or working experience with a touch of unparalleled sophistication. Welcome to 26 Dover Street – where history meets modernity in a harmonious dance of design.

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